maye adds producer and engineering credits to her resume with reimagining of RØZ’s “Heridas”.

What started off as a coincidental connection between two mutually respected colleagues, would become the first song remixed by maye from the ground up.

RØZ is a group that utilizes rich blends of industrial and club-style hip-hop production to underly themes of loss and love in a contemporary setting. “Heridas” is a solid example of this building off the theme of love at first sight through heavy 808s and contorted sirens.

Naturally, the wholehearted and heavy lyricism behind the beats would draw another indie romantico, maye who went straight to the two for the remix.

maye manages to flourish on the track as her own while maintaining the spirit of the original.

Fans may not pick up on a change at first glance, but the inclusion of maye’s vocals in the second half bridges the gap and adds a layer of musical texture that elevates the song’s overall impact while staying faithful to what draws listeners. maye’s inclusion becomes a literal bridge in the tune that replaces the final verse of RØZ and while both versions are the same length, this addition brings the moment more to life.

The soft final words from maye at the end tie the experience all together symbolizing that it doesn’t take much to leave such a big impact.

Listen to “Heridas Pt.2” out now

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