Meagan Hickman encourages us to pursue our dreams on "One Day"

Emerging indie-pop artist Meagan Hickman drops inspirational track “One Day,” encouraging us to break free of any defeatist feelings. The dreamy offering layers Hickman’s bold vocals over lush keys and slow beats, and is an uplifting anthem crafted to keep us going in tough times.

Smoothly spanning pop and R&B the track which draws inspiration from the experience of Hickman’s friend who believed their best days were behind them takes the pain of failure and infuses it with positivity. Written and co-produced by Hickman herself,”One Day,” was made to usher people towards the pursuit of their dreams, representing the fierce drive that keeps you going cushioned in a feel-good soundscape.

With catchy tunes that come alive with much-needed optimism, Hickman’s music is delicate yet powerful as it puts a smile on your face, her soothing voice leading us into bliss. Carving a niche for herself in the indie-pop scene with her fourth release of the year, this rising artist doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

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