Melissa Bel shimmers with authenticity with her new ‘Alone Time’ EP

Known for transcending musical eras and genres, Melissa Bel shimmers with a truly remarkable authenticity and intricacy alike. As she continues to weave themes of hope, solitude, anxiety and growth into every second of her growing repertoire, her new EP Alone Time unites her discourses in a truly unique way.

Offering listeners a moment for self-reflection, her latest endeavour presents six blissful tunes that soar with uplifting undertones and a truly euphonious soundscape. Finding unparalleled comfort in nature during the global pandemic, she confides, “I spent lots of time walking in the countryside and I would come up with lyrics and concepts, or tweak ones we already had. I recorded the birdsong and some other nature samples that you hear throughout the EP on a couple of my walks, and went back to one of my favourite spots in the woods to shoot the artwork for “Better In the Morning.”

Delivering an enchanting euphoria consisting of dreamy acoustics and soaring melodies, Alone Time comes to life. Bel’s rich vocal energy rises atop mellifluous melodies and ravishing choruses, captivating her creativity in a truly remarkable soundscape. As Bel preludes to slowing down and appreciating the fleeting moments we have with those closest to us, her new EP is the gentle reminder we’ve all been looking for. Needless to say, this EP is truly breathtaking.

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