Memoria XI & Landon Cube share wistful single "LONELY STAR"

Maryland's Memoria XI has come through with a new single called "LONELY STAR", in collaboration with fellow Marylander Landon Cube. At only 19 years-old, Memoria XI is still relatively new to the scene, yet has a highly developed songwriting style, frequently delving into personal, introspective themes. Pairing with Landon Cube for this new single makes sense, as the artist shares similar songwriting sensibilities as well as a common state of origin. "LONELY STAR" finds their chemistry shining throughout, making for an engaging, evocative listen. 

The instrumental for "LONELY STAR" is psychedelic and melancholic, containing celestial, layered guitars that build into an infectious loop. Beneath, crisp, bouncy drums and driving 808s drop in to give the song an enthralling rhythm, balancing out the higher pitched guitar line. The vocal performances from both Memoria XI and Landon Cube are stellar as well, containing engaging, sharply crafted melodies that give this single much replay value. 

Another in a series of compelling releases from both Memoria XI and Landon Cube, the dreamy, contemplative mood of this track is one to get lost in. This preview makes one look forward to more music from the two, who share an undeniable chemistry on this offering.

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