Memoria XI shares dreamlike new single "Just Friends"

Maryland artist Memoria XI has shared a dreamlike new song entitled "Just Friends". The rising musician has been gaining attention for his passionate style and tireless work ethic, and this release continues his streak of high-quality singles.

Sonically, "Just Friends" is centred around glitchy, psychedelic guitars that swirl in kaleidoscopic layers. Moored by powerful 808s and clean percussion, the rhythm section creates a bouncy groove that hooks the listener in immediately. Moreover, Memoria XI's songwriting shines as potent and emotive, as he comes through with some heartfelt melodies that soar overtop of the surreal instrumental. All in all, the artist provides a poignant offering that is relatable and catchy.

"Just Friends" is a strong release from Memoria XI, further proving that he is an up-and-coming musician to keep an eye on. His focused songwriting and engaging vocals are on full display here, creating a truly vigorous offering. Hopefully more is soon to come from Memoria XI, as his potential is undeniable here.

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