Memphis rapper Kenny Kane delivers fresh single, “Fee”

Memphis-bred rapper Kenny Kane releases his new single, “Fee.” Set to appear on his forthcoming album M.A.N.E., the project was produced entirely by legendary platinum producer DJ Squeeky. Building a notable name in Memphis and beyond across a 15+ year career in music, the southern hip-hop veteran returns now with a sleek banger in “Fee”.

“Fee” contains hard-hitting, dark production centred around menacing synths, heavy 808s and snapping percussion. Harnessing classic Memphis hip-hop influences while adding a healthy dose of Kane’s own flavor, “Fee” blends infectious, creeping instrumentation with charismatic vocals from Kane that enhance the track’s ominous feel.

Titled for the acronym “Memphis. And. Nothing. Else,” Kenny Kane gives a poignant take on life in the unpredictable and dangerous streets of Memphis, where at any moment your life could be taken, just as we have seen in recent years with the passing of so many talented acts in Memphis over the years.

“It’s just a Memphis mentality, everybody wants a fee, ain’t nothing for free out here,” Kenny Kane explained. “The next record is Aye Mane, Say Mane. We just gonna keep up the momentum all year with new music and visuals from our guy Meta at Compound films. We got the content rolling out all year on TikTok, IG Reels, Facebook Reels all that..”

The latest from Memphis rapper Kenny Kane, “Fee” precedes his album M.A.N.E., which also features the breakout single, “So Memphis,” which has earned Kenny Kane radio airplay across the deep south from Memphis, TN ,to Jackson, MS, to Little Rock, AR.

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