merci, mercy doesn’t want to be “Something You Like” anymore

19-year-old alt-pop artist merci, mercy has done it again with her newest track, “Something You Like.” Barely starting up her career this year, she’s quickly gained success from a couple of effervescent tunes like “Fucked Myself Up” and “Fall Apart”. As seen with those anthems, her sincere self-reflective lyricism makes her music undeniably relatable and is winning the hearts of fans everywhere.

Unlike her other singles, merci, mercy delivers a more vulnerable tone in “Something You Like.” With a softer melody, she slows down the pace to create an intimate storytelling experience for listeners. In using this strategy, she demonstrates reflection and growth that follows suit with the lyrics. The beat picks up slightly in the pre-chorus, but falls back down with the repeated, tender pluck of a guitar string. It’s just that little extra piece but adds to the layer of introspection that she’s effortlessly crafted.

“Something You Like” comes from her forthcoming debut EP no thank you, no thanks. The EP, out October 16th, follows a coming-of-age style, narrating merci, mercy’s experience at 18 years old as she navigates life and relationships with others.

Listen to merci, mercy’s track “Something You Like” out now via Liberation Records.

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