Meresha shares the visuals for "Game of Video" [Video]

Meresha's self-produced Alien-pop single, "Game of Video," finally gets the visual treatment and it's worth the wait. The atmospheric synth-driven reflective song muses on the existential question of life being a simulation of some sort. She takes pop and electronic elements and seamlessly blends them with catchy melodic runs that linger in the ear. The singer pricks the minds with her vivid lyrics that suggest that we all might be part of a larger and complex simulation program and we just don't know it.

The visual takes place in a virtual world and it's filmed in full body-motion capture at the Yabal club. The video was done live on a global stage where viewers could stream live and PC users could actually join the video using specific avatars to move around in the virtual club. Meresha is off course the center of attention as her fairy-like avatar takes hold of the crowd with her sultry moves and more. It's quite surreal and shows what can be achieved as technology evolves.

“Game of Video” is Meresha's follow-up to “Enter the Dreamland” and "New Revolution". 


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