Metteson dazzles with the euphoric "Under Your Shirt"

Norweigan alt-popper Metteson returns with the dazzling "Under Your Shirt". Continuing his euphonious pop trajectory, Metteson's polished sounds are a continuous hit of happiness. 

A rising number that showcases his vocal talents with such intent. A roaring power chorus and thrilling drum pads with orchestral additions, "Under Your Shirt" tempts you to rejoice in enjoying spending those key moments with a significant other. With his melting vocals flowing upon the amalgamated drums and piano melodies. “I haven’t experienced “the love of my life” but in time I’ve learned that I’ve received something just as valuable," explains Metteson. "I’ve received lots of love in the first moments, the hours or weeks when two people first connect and everything is new, exciting and full of possibility. This song, for me, is about this. It’s also a story about how kindness and sacrifice can have an immense value in a relationship.”

As much as alt-pop is thrilling, sometimes its categorisation of tunes is pretty loose and a little disappointing. But "Under You Shirt" sits comfortably within the genre and draws on hints of power pop and orchestral elements to create a tune that really does offer a moment for pure joy. This is a tune for appreciation and carefree feelings.

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