Meyru's "I'd Ask.. But I Know You're Alright" is expertly tongue-in-cheek indie pop

New York-based indie band Meyru's new song "I'd Ask.. But I Know You're Alright" is a tongue-in-cheek ode to the trials and tribulations of 'making it' in the industry and it will be sure to bring a smile to your face.

In music, like any job, the pressures to succeed can become overwhelming. With a new artist reaching the top of the game seemingly every day, it can be hard to maintain a quiet and assured sense of consistent success without constant fanfare. Teaming up with  Sam Skinner and Brooklyn-based producer and collaborator Cal Maro, the band is able to create a genuine and authentic indie pop offering that incorporates droning guitars and twanging bass licks that force your hand to the replay button. 

Speaking on the single, Meyru shared, “'I'd Ask' is our love letter to the band. As we get older and continue to play together, sometimes there's a stress that comes along with 'trying to make it' in music. This song is is our light hearted reminder that everything's all good and to not take anything too seriously. It's the pop song of the record.” It's a pop song that doesn't overstay its welcome and packs enough energetic zest to have you humming it for a considerable length of time. 

In contrast to their debut studio album Good to See You, the band's upcoming sophomore album was recorded live in order to meticulously recreate the atmosphere and energy of their live shows. Hearkening back to the stripped back and experimental work of the '90s, look for Meyru's next project in 2022 to have a special flavor and sound that you don't hear very often these days. 

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