Michi falls under love’s power in “Break My Own Rules”

Under stage name Michi, LA-based Michelle Guerrero, is finally releasing her six-track debut EP Sugarbaby. And with a title like that, we can expect some sweet-melodied tracks to complement Michi’s honey vocals. The EP’s lead single was released ahead of the full project, the soothing Spanish track “Escondida” a few months ago. Today, however, we’re taking a look at the EP’s opening track, “Break My Own Rules.”

Starting out with a subdued jazz loungey intro, the song bursts with the lucid passion of a line of horns. It’s underlayered with a funky, bubbly bass. As she gushes about relinquishing her power to love, it really hits when distant harmonies subtly play with her in the chorus. On top of that, the breezy and psychedelic interlude is sure to set listeners into a trance.

While this track is lyrically on the lighter side, listeners can expect a variety in Michi’s other material. In the Sugarbaby EP, Michi will explore themes of love, friendships, anxiety, and loneliness. Having learned from those past experiences, she’s now focused on pampering and loving herself. She’s not holding back on any information, which is something anyone can respect in a talented rising artist.

Listen to “Break My Own Rules” off of the EP Sugarbaby, out now.

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