Michi finds self-love in “Escondida”

Michelle Guerrero, known as Michi, has defined her sound with popular hits like the loung-esque single “Night Moves” or the flirty, 60s-like “Catch a Feeling.” However, her new single, “Escondida,” is the first offering from Michi that incorporates some Spanish. The track (whose title means “hidden”) focuses on the bliss that can come from being alone.

During lockdown, when all anyone wants to do is be out and about with friends, Michi finds solace in her isolation. “I’ve always leaned on the company of others to fill a void or distract myself, but it wasn’t until these last two years and the start of my project that I felt connected to being alone, even if with my thoughts, regrets, memories both good & bad.”

Michi’s silky vocals are reminiscent of renowned psychedelic pop bands like The Marías, and the track maintains a constant jazz/funk percussion. The illusory production is layered with subtle horns in the background.

Illustrator María Medem created the animated music video. The comic-like visual incorporates every colour it could possibly use,  invoking a dreamy atmosphere similar to Japanese artist Hokusai.

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