Middle Part and Yuno go to “Chinatown” in new single [Video]

Brooklyn-based indie pop duo Middle Part has collaborated with celebrated eclectic singer/songwriter Yuno for synth alt pop banger “Chinatown”. The song was released alongside an animated music video by acclaimed artists Glendon and Isabella.

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With “Chinatown”, Middle Part has crafted a song all about the feeling of burnout. Sometimes living in a city and doing the constant grind can be so physically and emotionally draining and “Chinatown” relays that relatable experience. Lyrics including, “I’ve been thinking we should probably get away / I’m over everything and never really thinking straight / But don’t you worry I know that we’ll find a way / The city has its way of always taking,” detail the constant push and pull of wanting to abandon the city and the rushed way of life but also feeling torn not wanting to leave what you know so well. Musically, “Chinatown” features vibrant synths, punchy distorted guitars and a rhythmic hook for an intoxicating listen. Both Andrew from Middle Part and Yuno sing on the track highlight a contrasting duality that works so well. In the animated video, the trippy video shows the three getting up to all sorts of adventures in NYC including riding a flying rat, enjoying some local cuisine and playing live.

Middle Part is singer/musician/songwriter Andrew Selkōw and producer and collaborator, Brian Zaremba. The duo create synth-driven pop music influenced by their love of Y2k bands. “Chinatown” is off of their new EP out now.

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