Miki Rose keeps it cool with new single “Back to Complicated”

Miki Rose takes the stout of London’s R&B club scene and blends it with Los Angeles’s glitz and grit for a single titled “Back to Complicated” that feels cool and sounds hot. The new track has a modern production to it: simple beats, a watery synth ambiance, and choruses so cavernous that their echoes linger long after the music is finished. It is in this seemingly chambered sound where Rose amplifies her message of a tangled love that needs attention. Nothing is simple in the world of human relationships, but Rose makes it sound so.

The music video for “Back to Complicated” is quite literally cartoonish, but is that simplicity that is endearing and keeps the attention of the viewer/listener who is carried by the melody of Rose’s smooth vocals to a soothing place. Miki Rose delivers her message of emancipation through such a neat sonic vehicle that one can enjoy the song’s easy turns and glossy layers while identifying with the confidence at the nucleus of the music.

As a London/Los Angeles-based artist, Rose is composing her music with trans-Atlantic appeal and easy approachability, and that is rich. “Back to Complicated” plays like a song that you can vibe to, with a rhythm that is easy to get lost in. From the finest clubs of London to the underground bars of Los Angeles, one can imagine “Back to Complicated” being a surprise hit of the night: a cool-cream track for an evening that is primed for the best kind of memories.

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