Miko discusses his loneliness on the grungy new cut “Every Night”

Montreal-based artist Miko shares his new grunge-infused single “Every Night”. Laced with a ’90s hue and blended with pop undertones, the single is a reflection of feeling lonely when the world is at a standstill – something we all know all too well. 

With a foundation of guitar twangs unearthing a distinct blend of indie-come-pop-punk-sounding melodies, there’s an attitudinal element to the track that makes it feel like a conversation between the artist and listener. “I wrote “Every Night” at the beginning of the pandemic, back in 2020,” Miko says. “I was living at my dad’s apartment at the time and would typically lock myself in for 12 hours straight in the studio, spend the night there and come back home right before sunrise. Sleep, wake up and go again. Same shit, different day. This is when I realized how small and insignificant my life is, in the best way possible”.

Built with poetic grit, “Every Night” reflects a gratefulness of existence and being able to experience life despite all its obstacles. Miko has created a single that takes pleasure in the mundanities yet yearns for interaction. With his inherent introspective music making people feel a lot of things, it’s evident that Miko’s artistry is going to collate a huge fanbase. “Every Night” is a relatable tune that quickly becomes an earworm.

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