Milan’s ALBRT shares his new single “With You”

We’ve always looked to music as a form of escape from the humdrum of everyday life. Since the start of the year, Milanese producer and songwriter ALBRT has been quietly dropping some truly transformative pop tunes that are hard to not get completely lost in.

On his third single to date, the lead up to his debut EP continues with the irrefutably luscious, “With You.”

A shimmering harp arpeggio and softly pensive vocal introduce the track, as masterfully arranged textures cascade around them, pulling you deeper into the enrapturing soundscape and ensnaring your mind in mere seconds.

The textures coalesce, building towards a crescendo that defies expectations by slimming down to a few key components; a pulsating rhythm and bass that work in perfect synergy with the now falsetto vocal. As the lyrics express a heartwarming aperture on a boundless romance, the aforementioned textures sweep back in, propelling the journey both lyrically and sonically.

Speaking to the track in an email statement, he outlines that, “I painted a melancholic harmony with the bass; but I wanted something more, something magical and nostalgic. I wanted to create an ethereal modern piece, something that makes you feel like you’re floating on a cloud. So I added harp arpeggio, dreamy vibes, reverb-soaked textures and my beloved piano on top of that. The result is ‘With You’, possibly the most romantic songs I’ve ever written”

“With You” is out now via Factory Flaws.

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