Milky Chance announce new album with single “Troubled Man”

Returning with their new catchy indie-pop single is Berlin-based duo Milky Chance, with “Troubled Man” – a bright and lively track that features their classic mellow dance style that they’re best known for. Released on their own label Muggelig Records, Troubled man arrives following the announcement of their brand new mixtape Trip Tape II which has drawn up an audience eager for more, after their previous volume – Trip Tape I – Picked up critical acclaim

Featuring Clemens clear and noticeable vocals and Philips forward-thinking percussions, the duo have released a track that stands out as a catchy indie folk hit that will resonate amongst many. With the track being about alienated society Philip and Clemen write, In a phase of feeling pretty alienated due to events of today and lots of devastating realities of human society, we tried to get into someone’s mind coming to earth for the first time nowadays.

Troubled Man by Milky Chance is out now on all streaming platforms. 

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