Milquetoast and Co. unleashes their compelling new album ‘Shiny (little) Mind’

Seamlessly blending Americana with rock and blues, Denver-based group Milquetoast and Co.’s music comes alive. Through fiery vocals and passionate storytelling, their unique sound hypnotically draws listeners in. The group's latest album Shiny (little) Mind takes us on a journey through every emotion of sorrow, bliss and everything in between. Detailing the complexities of human behavior, the release stunningly showcases the ways we can evolve and change throughout our lives.

Opening with the title track, it speaks to the idea of personal growth. Other people may try to put you down as you attempt to better yourself. They daringly tell the doubters, “who are you to say/that I cannot change/my shiny little mind.” With intricate guitar strums and emotive, soulful tone, you can sense that strong need to break free.

Picking up the pace with “Mindful Maze” this swinging tune truly excites. This piece soars with infectious horns, delicate drums and vibrant vocals. “Done/undone” keeps that upbeat sound going with its loud, roaring arrangements. The striking strings add to the song’s raw, gritty quality.

“Cigarette Burns” and also “Hummingbirds” both possess haunting western vibes. Just like the lasting burns of a cigarette these bluesy offerings will be running through your mind long after they are through. In “Cigarette Burns” singing “if I die tonight/know that I was never meant for a normal life.” There is something so powerful in stating the unruliness of living a life outside of the norm. 

Milquetoast is defined as “a timid and feeble person” but their bold music illustrates that they are anything but. The band of Boston natives consists of James McAndrew (vocals, guitar) Dan Zangari, (bass, vibraphone) Kyle Bocchieri (drums, percussion) Joe Engel (cello, vibraphone) Ben Parrish (guitar) Sam Oatts (horns, string arrangements). The eclectic outfit self-released three albums prior to parting ways. Now happily reunited, the project is back and better than ever. Check out the colorful new album now.

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