Miranda Joan shares transformative new single “I’m Good”

Soulful pop singer/songwriter Miranda Joan has just shared her latest irresistible offering. Called “I’m Good”, the track is the latest off of her upcoming full-length album Overstimulated set for release later this year.

With “I’m Good”, Miranda Joan writes an anthem full of hopeful affirmations and mantras, confirming the joy and happiness she finds in the small pleasures in life. Lyrics including “got some good friends / having good food / got some good music / in a good mood / taking time so I can see / the good things,” show that Miranda Joan is ready to embrace the positivity in life and welcome it with open arms. Musically, “I’m Good” showcases Miranda’s R&B-drenched cathartic vocals that entice the listener with every note. Cinematic slow-burned soundscapes underlay irresistible melodies for a must listen.

Miranda Joan is a Canadian born and bred artist that is now based in Brooklyn, NY. Known for her imaginative, raw and autobiographical songwriting, Miranda Joan has attracted the attention of fans around the globe who are also drawn to her unique genre fusion. In her spare time, the artist also is a philanthropist, giving back to important causes including The Stuttering Association for the Young. Take a listen to “I’m Good” now and remember you are where you need to be.

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