Misty Mtn. reflects and grows in new single “Weren’t Those the Days”

Together, vocalist Mo Trunzo and multi-instrumentalist Lucas Segall create indie band, Misty Mtn. Synth-pop productions are laced with androgynous, angelic choral vocals and thoughtful lyricism.  Misty Mtn’s music weaves together the power of yesterday’s memories and tomorrow’s dreams. Wanting a chance to break away a bit from their past work, the duo today shares “Weren’t Those The Days,” the title track from their forthcoming sophomore EP.

 “Weren’t Those The Days” brings listeners to life with a slow, pulsing synth with shimmering textures. Segall’s delicate bassline morphs into invigorating hand claps. However, it’s Trunzo’s sedative vocals that add that extra layer of intimacy. Lyrically, the song deals with coming to terms with uncertainty and shedding old skin. Overall, it feels like a song to listen to as we take in the crisp fall air.

This track has a brighter tone than their past work, which still had some groove, but with a dark romanticism. Mo stated, “When we started writing ‘Weren’t Those the Days,’ life was feeling miles away from anything resembling that period. Discussing that brought on all this imagery for a song about being reminded of an ex-lover by the sights and sounds of the things you shared.”

The sophomore EP, Werent Those the Days, is out November 5th.

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