Mo Van Zandt explores the realms of trip hop and electronica on “Aporia”

Berlin-based multi-disciplinary artist Mo Van Zandt – presents a nuanced gem with her latest single, “Aporia.” This is a track that’s rich in powerful, trip hop drums and a haunting vocal line. The result is a dynamic soundscape that captivates the listener from start to finish.

Van Zandt’s ability to create a richly layered sonic experience is evident in “Aporia,” where she masterfully incorporates breakbeat drums and a glitchy wall of sound. This approach keeps the track engaging, proving that longer compositions can be both compelling and rewarding. Fans of Aphex Twin, DJ Shadow, and Thom Yorke will find much to appreciate in her innovative style.

Drawing inspiration from her diverse background, Van Zandt merges her classical piano training and drumming skills with influences from jazz, punk, and Berlin’s vibrant dance culture. With the help of Eric Baldwin (Cocktail Party Effect), her upcoming debut album promises to be a meticulously crafted, cinematic journey that pushes the boundaries of the genre.

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