Mokita is “Over You” with latest single [Exclusive]

The phrase “jack of all trades,” is normally followed by the parenthesis of “master of none,” but in the case of Nashville’s John Luke Carter or Mokita, it doesn’t fully apply. The singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist is consistently adding further strings to his bow and turning his hand to new creative avenues with masterful ease.

His 2019 single “Colorblind” displayed a vulnerability that resonated with fans and critics alike, seeing him opening up about his experiences with depression. Clearly overflowing with creativity, he returns once again with “Over You,” a melancholic, downtempo cut that continues this vulnerable narrative.


“I wanted to write the lyrics of ‘Over You’ in the format of a letter,” Mokita elucidates in the email press release. He goes on to explain that, “When I was in high school I went through my first bad breakup and I remember I used to write these letters to my ex that I knew I was never going to send. In knowing I wasn’t going to send them to her, it gave me a sort of freedom to be more honest and completely blunt and ask these almost rhetorical questions that I know she’d never be able to answer because there wasn’t an answer.”

“Over You” opens up with nothing short of abject tenderness as the acoustic guitar carries the emotional weight of Mokita’s poignant lyrical aperture on the typical breakup song formula. The second passage fills out the track with harmonious layers of gentle vocal work and sees the guitar carry more of pop-punk inflexion – a dutiful accompaniment to the sad pop aesthetic.

The track concludes with the platitude of that “there can be so much therapy in just writing something down, even if you know no one’s ever going to see it.” Thankfully, Mokita has decided to share this one with us.

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