Molly Hanmer & the Midnight Tokers unleash their tenacious new album “Get Loose”

Molly Hanmer & the Midnight Tokers concoct a psychedelic bluesy rock sound dripping with soul and attitude on Get Loose. The gritty 10-track collection takes listeners on a thrilling journey with themes of spontaneity and freedom. The hard-hitting tracks throw caution to the wind hence the album’s name.

The opening track, "Gunman," oozes with so much raw twang. Talking of a gunman on the loose, this haunting track’s swampy bass and gentle drums is a true spine-chiller. Hammer’s slinky vocal tone adds to the tune’s allure. “Bet You Think You’re Cool” is a candid harmonica heavy song. Evoking vibes of Shania Twain’s “That Don't Impress Me Much” it details someone that thinks they are just such hot stuff. Her raspy vocals really bring that emotion home. “Get Loose” is an untamed offering all about being wild and free. Many times we are so afraid to just be ourselves and the piece gives you permission to, as the chorus states, “let down your hair”.

The album follows Hanmer's 2018 debut Stuck in a Daydream. This new offering has similarities to her first release, but there is more of a gravelly, in your face nature. You can sense that fierce liberation breaking through. Hanmer reveals, "This album is about being real. Every song is a testament to authenticity, to rejecting convention, to freedom, to living in the moment”.  

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