Molly Moore battles with goodbyes in new single “Over Getting Over You” 

Molly Moore has been planting the seeds for a successful career since as young as 19 years old. Writing for recognized talents such as Jessie McCartney and Steve Aoki, Moore immersed herself into the music industry head first and hasn’t looked back. Now, with some impressive accolades under her belt and a dedicated fanbase who follow her every step, Moore is releasing yet another exhilarating single, “Over Getting Over You.” 

Possessing a raw intensity, Moore’s vivacious new single narrates the struggle of saying goodbye to a flawed relationship. Bright, rhythmic soundscapes engulf “Over Getting Over You”, while determined vocals and snappy percussion exude pure confidence. Moore reveals in her press release, “I wrote this song before going through my first real breakup. It’s about having “fake” breakups constantly and being ready to show the person you’re with what it feels like to actually be without you.” 

The New York native creates punchy pop music that is truly candid and relatable. Having recently dealt with some of the toughest times of her life, including the painful break-up with her long-term boyfriend and the tragic death of her father, Moore has taken these challenging experiences and channeled her emotions into something positive. Delivering powerful songs that connect with listeners on a deeper, more meaningful level, Moore gives us an insight into some of her most vulnerable moments. Check out her self-assured single “Over Getting Over You” now.

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