Moneá encourages us to take a moment to rest on “Check In”

Richmond-based R&B/Soul artist Moneá confronts how hectic and fast-paced our lives tend to be on soothing track “Check In,” as she encourages us to take a moment to stop and check in ourselves. With a calm R&B melody led by her soulful quality and poetic lyricism, the track marries a meditative vibe with an encouraging attitude to make up her uplifting sonic signature.

With lyrics like “Check in, Your mind, your body, your soul / You need to check in, Let it all through, let it all go,” the track acknowledges that it’s easy to lose ourselves in the busyness of our lives while urging us to bring more self-love into our existence.

Carried by her maturity and themes of personal growth and increasing self-worth cushioned on entrancing melodies, this latest number with its optimistic and love-laden messaging, pushes Moneá forward on her musical path.

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