Montreal trio encapsulate the vulnerabilities in new relationships on new EP 'softy'

Montreal indie pop trio Ivytide capture the feelings of vulnerability in the early stages of a relationship in emotive yet uplifting EP softy which brings together upbeat drum beats with soothing vocals. Tapping into their signature infectious vibes, the trio are unapologetic and upbeats in equal halves on the seven-track production.

Opening with the minimalistic “call it what u want,” Ivytide make a solid impression within the few notes of the EP, moving quickly into early stand-out, the lush, summery offering “rent free,” which is accompanied by a DIY music video elevating the concept of living rent free in someone’s mind.

Moving into groovier territories on tracks like synth-tinged “ouest side,” and layered offering “text me when u get home,”  the trio bring alive hazy instrumentals underpinned by velvety vocals. The next stand-out comes in the emotionally charged, “miss u btw,” which evokes a sense of peace in its quiet sonic sensibilities, before guitar-led “talk about it,” makes two appearances, finally closing the soothing collection of tracks with an original demo, giving us a glimpse of Ivytide at their rawest creative state.

Consisting of Nathan Gagné (vocals/guitar), Jamie Snytte (guitar) and Kyle Ruggiero (bass) who have found consistent success with their previous releases, this Canadian trio have developed their lo-fi, bedroom pop sound with intricate melodies, introspective songwriting and an easy-going charm.

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