Moonkay brings an explosion of emotion on single "Sisyphus"

Producer and vocalist Moonkay channels anger and pain on atmospheric single “Sisyphus,” a track that explores a mix of introspection, confusion and ignorance that comes in the wake of a relationship ending. Underpinned by baritone, spoken word-esque vocals balanced on a delicate blend of electronic music and R&B, the textured production is fierce and heart-wrenching at once.

Inspired by his own breakup, Moonkay makes use of airy synths and passionate song writing to captivates us, as his swooning soundscape washes over us in potent doses. Haunting lyrics like “lost souls, lost cause, give me energy, when I’ve lost,” offset the up-tempo beat which smoothly gives way to a gentler notes of bedroom pop. Tightly packed with poetic reflections, delivered in melodic arrangements, “Sisyphus,” moves from despair to hope with intriguing ease.

As Moonkay, musician Jordan Barritt has built a niche for himself within bedroom pop, injecting it with experimentation that brings darkness and light in equal measures.Capturing self-doubt and self-confidence, the track is one more glimpse not just of the limitless capacity of the genre but of his refined talents in making bedroom pop his own.

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