Moonlight Jones releases stunning Latin inspired single and video “Hot Night”

Miami based singer-songwriter and guitarist Moonlight Jones has just released his debut single and video “Hot Night.” The artist has emerged with an intoxicating new style of music deemed “cosmic soul”- a vibrant fusion of flamenco, R&B, and rock that makes for a wickedly indulgent and culturally diverse listening experience.

On “Hot Night”, Moonlight Jones draws upon inspiration from celebrated Latin music icons and sacred traditions for a sweltering, sultry love letter to the very culture that shaped him as an artist. In collaboration with a Grammy-award winning team, the song’s assembly reaches pure sonic bliss and features Moonlight Jones’s sun-soaked vocals, steamy dance-worthy production, and groovy Santana inspired guitar. Lyrics such as, “close my eyes and think of you // and all the crazy things we’d do // we were young and love was new // the bond between us only grew,” evoke feelings of nostalgia, love and longing, inviting the listener to immerse themselves in hot and heavy feelings of romance. In the accompanying visuals, directed by Pitbull‘s famed director David Rousseau, Jones pulls out all the stops, effortlessly portraying the intimate dance of love and lust through a lens of red hot colors, addictive imagery and warmly constructed textures. Paying tribute to the timeless heart and soul of Latin culture, “Hot Night” is the perfect summer anthem to let your hair down to and dance, reminding us to embrace life in the moment.

Moonlight Jones was inspired to create his own unique style of music after living a culturally rich life filled with travel and the beauty of many traditions. “Through our music we want to connect with our fans on a universal level, that’s what cosmic soul is all about. Connecting with each other using our music as the vehicle,” confides Jones. Born to an Egyptian father and a mother of Czech heritage, Jones’s exposure to a wide range of musical aesthetics started from an early age. With his next single due out soon, we can’t wait to follow this rising artist as he takes us on a journey to embrace all walks of life.

Watch and listen to “Hot Night” by Moonlight Jones and get swept away by the groove and soul of Latin culture.

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