Moontower ask the question we’re all thinking: “What Day Is It?”

Moontower unveil their highly anticipated EP What Day Is It? The Los Angeles trio have concocted an energetic, vibrant release oozing with charisma and bursting with pizzazz. Full of life and youthful exuberance, Moontower emit a truly infectious sound, combining indie rock with playful electro pop. Quirky synths, pounding percussion and anthemic choruses are all common themes throughout What Day Is It?

The four-track release nods to our current times, asking the question that we’re all thinking. With months passing by right in front of our eyes and our everyday routines completely knocked out from beneath us, we don’t even know what time it is, let alone what day. The band shares, “Nobody knows what day it is, and that’s stressful, but when we embraced the timelessness and confusion, we found a lot of beauty and space for self-awareness. We (have to) believe people are going to come out of quarantine knowing and respecting themselves and their fellow humans in a way that always being busy never allowed us to.”

A standout track off the EP is “Hit The Lights.” A track detailing how letting your guards down can often have a beneficial effect on one’s relationships. It’s so important to embrace who you are, bad and good, in order to move forward in a relationship. Reverberating guitars, crashing drums and fast-paced melodies provide the backdrop for this toe-tapping earworm of a track.

Then there is “Got My Way”, a track written with the intention to emphasize just how crucial it is to be grateful for our friends and family. Singer Jacob Culver was inspired to write the song, after witnessing a near death experience with his mother. He shares, “This song is about the regrets I would have had if we had lost her that day, and I hope it serves as a reminder to tell the ones you love that you love them when you can.” Heartfelt lyrics, twinkling synths and passionate vocals result in a thought-provoking track.

Known for their left-of-centre pop sound, Moontower have been making a name for themselves in the Los Angeles music scene for their raucous live performances. Accompanying the release of What Day Is It? is a fan-interactive music video for “Hit The Lights” – definitely something you’ll want to be part of, so be sure to check it out!

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