Moore Kismet and torr connect to find “Autonomy”

16-year-old Moore Kismet (Omar Davis) is quickly becoming one of the most-watched artists in electronic music. “Autonomy” marks the third installment to Moore’s debut album which is due out in the coming months. A collaboration with NYC-based hyper pop artist torr, the track explores the end of a relationship and the backlash and feelings that come along with it.

Moore has been having quite the year so far. Riding the success of a massive 2020, Moore inked their first record deal with Thrive Music; A huge achievement for any artist, let alone a 16-year-old. Moore gave fans a taste of the project with singles “Rumor” and “Vendetta For Cupid” releasing over the past two months. Not only an incredibly talented musician on multiple fronts but Moore also identifies as non-binary and is an extremely proud member and supporter of the LGBT+ community; using their voice loudly, nurturing a supportive and overwhelming positive community with their supporters. Moore carries infectious positive energy in everything that they do whether that’s music or standing up as an ally for LGBT+ rights.


The latest track “Autonomy” is the perfect break-up anthem, exploring the emotional toll unfaithfulness can have on a relationship. Finding solace and the need for being alone after going through such an impactful event. The track differs slightly from their previous work, having a more poppy feel that torr delivers. While it shows their versatility and range, the song definitely also carries the traditional Moore Kismet sound we have grown to love when the chorus kicks in with heavy pulsating subs. For the first time ever on a track, Moore lays down a rap verse. Even on a song with such vulnerable subject matter, Moore spits their verse with elevated confidence that makes it feel like Moore is well aware of their worth and what their ex-partner is going to be missing out on.

Omar shared the following on the new track – “The story behind autonomy is a story of the emotional aftermath of infidelity, and how it could rupture a relationship. We wanted to show a person’s personal turmoil affects the way that they perceive love. If you need a breakup anthem of any kind, this song is for you.”

Be on the lookout for the debut full-length album due out in the coming months and make sure to follow Moore on socials below to add some radiant positivity (and great music) to your newsfeeds.

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