moreofthem wants you to “capture the moment”

moreofthem, a non-binary, Malaysian artist, has been turning heads in London’s underground music scene. With a unique sound that fuses glitch-pop, hyper-pop, and pop-punk, moreofthem has created an electrifying wall of sound that captivates listeners with a unique energy and passion. moreofthem has just released a new single titled “capture the moment,” which boasts a dazzlingly homemade production and a captivating lyrical journey. The track is a perfect showcase of moreofthem’s talent, as they blend genres to create something truly unique and unforgettable.

The lyrics of “capture the moment” delve into the notion of social media consumption and the burdens of conforming to societal standards. moreofthem seizes the essence of navigating contemporary life with all its conflicts and contradictions, particularly our pervasive social media use. The single encapsulates the conflicting emotions that come with trying to live up to society’s expectations while struggling with digital distractions. moreofthem’s honesty and vulnerability are apparent in every note and lyric, creating a relatable and deeply moving experience.

moreofthem’s project aims to cultivate a community of inclusivity, acceptance, and empowerment for LGBTQ+ and non-binary artists, both online and offline. Through their music, moreofthem is creating a space where all artists can feel supported, heard, and celebrated. With “capture the moment,” moreofthem proves that they are one of the most exciting prospects in London’s underground music scene. Their unique sound and powerful message are sure to make waves and inspire listeners to embrace their truth.

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