Moses Mikheyev delivers driving single “Whatever You Want (Keeping the Neighbors Awake)”

Moses Mikheyev, a Los Angeles-based artist who seamlessly blends alternative rock, pop, and folk, has announced his debut album, ‘I Only Have a Hundred Years to Love You‘, set to release in late 2023. To build anticipation for the forthcoming album, Moses has released the lead single, “Whatever You Want (Keeping the Neighbors Awake)”, showcasing his eclectic style and versatile artistry.

The single delivers a pulsing pop-rock sound with catchy hooks that are bound to get listeners moving. It’s an upbeat and fun song, perfect for a dance party or a road trip. Moses himself has described it as something that makes people dance, move, and just be happy. The production team, including Brandon Zano of Zaano and David Gavrishov, has infused the song with a unique energy using analog equipment and tape machines, creating a distinct sound.

Moses Mikheyev’s music has been praised for its atmospheric qualities, genre-defying sounds, and impeccable abilities as both a songwriter and performer. His sound is a mix of indie, folk, pop, progressive rock, hard rock, cinematic rock, and even shoegaze and hauntology, giving his music a diverse and eclectic feel. This versatile artist has carved his own space in the music industry with his unique style and immersive soundscapes.

The upcoming album ‘I Only Have a Hundred Years to Love You‘ promises to showcase his innovative style with extensive use of analog equipment, sometimes intentionally low-fi, and tape machines. Moses has proven his artistry with his music, and fans are eager to hear what he has in store for his debut album.

“Whatever You Want (Keeping the Neighbors Awake)” is an exciting taste of what’s to come from Moses Mikheyev, and it’s sure to leave fans eagerly anticipating the release of his debut album.

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