Motorists share “Through to You” ahead of debut album

Toronto indie outfit Motorists have just shared a wonderfully crooning new single, “Through to You,” a breezy jam that seamlessly fuses shoegaze, punk, and rock and roll. “Through to You” is the band’s first release in anticipation of their debut record, Surrounded, slated for release on September 3rd. This first full length studio effort will be a great next step for Motorists, whose limited discography currently consists only of the EP From the Wreckage Vol. 1 from 2020. The Canadian trio is clearly trending upward here, as the track showcases delightfully catchy vocals, dynamic instrumentation, and a charming retro aesthetic.

Opening with a bright instrumental sequence led by shimmering guitar riffs reminiscent of an early cut from The Smiths, the track turns to a more upbeat rock energy as soon as Craig Fahner’s yearning vocals kick in, chugging along to match the urgency of human connection that Fahner’s performance brings. The band brings heavy reverb shoegaze and crunchy punk rock in their different sequences, all done with ease. There’s an interesting balance of sweet, meditative instrumentals and brilliant fast paced flashes . It portrays nostalgia for fond memories along with a pressing desire to move forward. This complicated sentiment feels perfect for this strange point in post-COVID time, capturing a whirlwind of emotions while being ultimately endearing and comforting.

Above all, “Through to You” is endlessly catchy and enjoyable to listen to, overflowing with genuine personality and grace. It’s hard to believe Motorists would have trouble getting through to anyone.

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