Mr. Cream, Redman, Mr. Green aim to spark the culture with “Hip Hop 2020”

The legendary New Jersey emcee Redman and longtime collaborator Mr. Cream team up with acclaimed producer Mr. Green for a fiery new single, “Hip-Hop 2020,” dedicated to the death and rebirth of their beloved culture.

The conceptual track reimagines hip-hop as a living and breathing entity who is unfortunately on life support, with both Cream and the Funk Doc having a heartfelt conversation with it. Mr. Cream makes his frustrations known and even declares his loyalty with lines like “…Plus I’m nice to death and if you want me to ride blink twice for yes/ And ama get those niggaz, I mean it when I say it…” Redman also shows his appreciation of the culture by recounting his own history from meeting EPMD to breaking out as a superstar. It’s a stirring take on saving the culture while also acknowledging the greats, which includes shout outs to Nas, De La Soul, KRS-One, and other legendary acts.

“Hip Hop 2020” is not attached to a larger body of work from any of the involved artists, and is another firm representation of their respective talents. It’s also worth noting that Mr. Green and Redman actually worked together on this haunting, soulful instrumental.

Get “Hip Hop 2020” on all DSPs here. 

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