MULIMBA drops powerful, BLM-inspired track "Here I Go"

Emerging artist MULIMBA drops anthemic offering “Here I Go,” a powerful track showcasing a genre-defying alternative sound spanning electronic hooks and gospel beats. Led by his smooth vocals backed by booming beats, the production is soulful and impactful in perfect halves encouraging complete freedom in its swirling sonics.

Written during the Black Lives Matter protests in London, the track draws from the singer’s own experiences juxtaposing a sense of powerlessness with the uplifting strength of unity. Highlighting the ways in which treat each other and treat ourselves, “Here I Go,” comes with a message that surrounding yourself with right kind of people can reveal your inner strength. The accompanying music video captures this strength with a stylish, high-energy sensibility.

Having burst onto the scene in 2019 with tracks like “Damn,” and “Your Own Blood,”, MULIMBA has established his authentic artistry framed by a refined maturity that sets him apart from a newcomer status. With a constantly growing fanbase, the artist who has opened for the likes of Tom Walker and toured around Europe, used the pause of the pandemic to reinvent his musicality, honing into an enigmatic but creatively free sound that’s set to launch him forwards in his career.

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