Multi-instrumentalist Rediisin explores not fitting in on "There’s Somewhere Else" [Video]

Multi-instrumentalist and producer Rediisin explores the relatable feeling of not fitting in on the infectious track “There’s Somewhere Else,” which swaps out his signature brooding sound for something with an anthemic, rebellious edge. The uber groovy track layers licks of guitar with woozy shoe-gaze as his passionate vocals narrate tales of belonging.

With a charming, danceable vibe, the rock-tinged production swerves away from Rediisin’s typical process of starting with beats and moving into melodies, instead, blooming from carefully curated instrumentals over which catchy beats rest delicately. Recorded in his home basement, his shaky, raw vocals bring alive DIY sensibilities as well as infuse emotion into the complex cacophony of sonics.

Having begun his career as drummer and pursuing his passion for experimentation, Rediisin’s sound is one that can’t be nailed down as it hops smoothly from jazz and rock to orchestral and more. Imbued with a versatility born out of a decade of experience, Rediisin’s musical path continues onwards and upwards, as “There’s Somewhere Else,” yet another milestone.

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