[Music Video] Free Whenever offer soulful and transportive number “Camino”

Brooklyn duo Free Whenever delivers soulful track “Camino,” taken from their forthcoming EP. Built on melodic guitar lines and steady beats, the soulful yet celebratory number is an anthem fit for the soul seekers and wanderers of the world.

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An uplifting production that captures the hope evoked within us by the thought of our future, “Camino,” encourages us to walk our own paths in life with confidence. Speaking of the poetic message behind the track, they say, “It signifies the path forward. To keep evolving and traveling, energetic for the future and what it may bring. “Camino” is a road whose end ultimately is up to you.

Liberating and vulnerable all at once, Free Whenever consisting of Neil Guleria and Trevor LaVecchia have crafted a blissful and vivid sonic experience which manages to transport us into a tranquil headspace with ease.

Having crossed paths when they were independently performing at a wedding, the pair who were brought together by fate and a shared passion for mind-bending, ethereal musicality have honed a layered aural signature bursting with personality and authenticity as they work confidently towards the release of The Movement EP.

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