[Music Video] Gabriel Seize shares vivid visuals for “My Video Game” from debut EP ‘Prologue’

French, Brussels-based musician and producer Gabriel Seize shares six-track debut EP Prologue, which weaves dreamy falsettos into pulsing yet gritty sounds built on bouncing beats. 

The release of EP is led by focus track “My Video Game,” an experimental offering sampling an Atari race game, echoing Daft Punk’s futuristic sound. The track is led by vivid visuals that elevates the bold nature of the sonics , with vibrant hues hypnotising alongside soothing but glitchy vocal tones. 

[embedded content]

With other tracks like cinematic number “Beautiful Lie,” paying homage to The Truman Show alongside hard-hitting societal critique, the EP manages to toe the line between being contemplative and a gentle, easy listen with its retro-futuristic blend of modern production and songwriting.

A synth-pop collection that introduces a world in the future, the intricate project makes for an immersive experience rooted in both nostalgia and dystopia. 

Speaking of the EP, he says, “This EP is called Prologue, like the name of my favorite synth (Korg Prologue), but most of all like the introduction of a story. With these 6 synth pop songs, I introduce the world in which my future adventures will take place. A dimension out of time, the future like we used to see it, a lost future that will never happen. In this world we can escape from all the threats and darkness of our time. It’s very much inspired by my fellow countrymen and pioneers of French Touch AIR, Sébastien Tellier, Daft Punk or Kavinsky.”

With an allure that pulls us into his expansive, experimental and vintage world, Gabriel Seize is on a musical roll and is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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