[Music Video] Sages Comme Des Sauvages release celebratory visuals for “On Te L’avait Dit”

Franco-American-Greek-Corsican-Brussels duo Sages Comme Des Sauvages release the freeing visuals for “On Te L’avait Dit,” the lead single from their third album Maison Maquis. 

Led by a sense of playfulness, which builds on sharp yet charming arrangements of playground claps, echoing backing vocals and a nursery rhyme feel, the track captures the voices in our heads, framed by poignance, absurdity and childishness in equal parts. 

[embedded content]

Meanwhile, the visuals shot at the Moroges football club, where singer Ava Carrère trains every Wednesday, encapsulate feelings of respect and joy of a team sport, moving past the pressures of winning instead focusing on celebrating imperfections. 

Alongside the cinematic video, the duo unveil a fresh and an ambitious sonic chapter with their new album, rooted in the experimental sonic signature that has won hearts far and wide. 

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