Musician ZNi drops a new anthem for “Adventure”

Seattle-based musician ZNi, known for his vibrant melodies and captivating performances, is set to take the music world by storm once again with his latest single and accompanying music video titled “Adventure.” Blending Afro-Fusion and International Pop, ZNi’s unique sound has garnered him a dedicated following, and his new release is bound to captivate fans old and new.

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“Adventure” is an infectious anthem that invites listeners to embark on an enthralling journey alongside a love interest. Produced by KloudNine, the single’s irresistible beats and uplifting lyrics inspire a sense of spontaneity, excitement, travel, and romance. ZNi effortlessly combines elements of pop, afrobeats, and reggae, creating a distinctive fusion that sets him apart from his contemporaries.

To bring “Adventure” to life visually, ZNi teamed up with renowned producer Sam King to film the music video in the breathtaking landscapes of Bali, Indonesia. The video seamlessly captures the essence of the song, immersing viewers in a world filled with exhilaration and passion. With ZNi’s magnetic presence and stunning visuals, audiences are in for an unforgettable experience.

As a producer, ZNi has already made waves in the industry, collaborating with major brands such as Well Being Trust, Adidas, T-Mobile, and Microsoft. His versatility and talent were showcased when he produced music for global soccer star Lionel Messi in an Adidas commercial.

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