"My Muse" is Miranda Joan's love letter to music

Electro pop meets neo-soul singer songwriter Miranda Joan just released her new single "My Muse." The song, which is from her upcoming album Windborne, showcases the artist's signature sound and authentic flavor, almost acting as a mirror on her path of self discovery.

In "My Muse," the singer songwriter dedicates a homage to her love of music, which has lifted her through some of the most difficult periods in her life and relationships. Joan confides, "this is my sexy love song to my muse, my passion, my partner: music. A friend of mine once told me that art will always be there when I need it, and ain't that the truth. I look for her – my muse – to bandage all my bumps and bruises with melody and lyrics, she is where I channel my spirit and a safe place to land my love." Neo-Soul, Jazz, pop and light melodic R&B are all woven together to create a timeless array of eclectic sounds in "My Muse." The track includes lush vocals over electro funk soundscapes that elegantly build into an intrinsic dance, creating the perfect tribute to her lifelong passion. Reaching for that moment of understanding and shared experience through her music, Miranda Joan reminds us that we aren't alone with the help of a good song.

Born in Montréal, Miranda Joan grew up in Vancouver Canada but now resides in New York City. For Joan, music is an expression of her multicultural heritage from both French and English roots and her admiration for music classics like Stevie Wonder and Carole King, as well as contemporary artists such as Erykah Badu and Anderson Paak.

Listen to "My Muse" and slip into a world of sonic delight.

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