MYKA Captures Heartbreak in "gucci bloom" [Video]

Los Angeles-based artist MYKA just released his new spellbinding single and visuals for “gucci bloom.” As an artist who transgresses across a wide range of musical genres, MYKA is best known for his uncanny ability to defy formulated expectations of style and sound. 

In “gucci bloom” the singer-songwriter reflects on a budding romance that was abruptly ended, leaving MYKA with his heart in his hand and motivating him to put himself first in the end. The song’s narrative follows one that many of us know well when it comes to dating, as it can be frustrating to wear your heart on your sleeve only to have someone take you for granted. MYKA further confides, “I was a little upset. I didn’t like how she did it. The message is basically about not repeating relationships or things over again the same way you did before but with different people. It’s happened to me a bit, but it’s just because I didn’t learn the other times. You gotta stop repeating bad habits. It’ll take time, but no matter what, always choose you first. It happens to the best of us especially when you’re in the moment.” Sonically the song features stripped-down lyricism, a melancholy melody and raspy vocals atop moody electric guitar, as he sings “gucci bloom perfume, smell so damn good on you.” In the accompanying visuals for “gucci bloom”, MYKA is seen with a floral bouquet covering his eyes, which might represent the way our hearts sometimes lead us blindly into love without considering the red flags. Mysterious women with flowers over their eyes are also shown dancing and running through natural landscapes, further adding to the concept and depicting the playful yet confusing game of love. 

MYKA is an artist on the rise who is heavily influenced by a wide range of artists, including Kid Cudi, Frank Ocean, N.E.R.D, MGMT, The xx, and Beach House. Originally from Greensboro, North Carolina and after moving around for most of his childhood, this vast range of experience permeates into his music, which carries elements from a diverse set of cultures and tastes. “gucci bloom” is the first single after his last EP WHERE WE GO FROM HERE, which was released last year.   

Check out MYKA’s new single for “gucci bloom” here and remember that self-love is sometimes the best love. 

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