Nao Mali delves into embracing flaws on “Pretty/Ugly”

Swedish queer act Nao Mali gives us a glimpse of their forthcoming EP SCANDAL, with alluring number “Pretty/Ugly,” a bold production featuring gritty electronics broken by mysterious undertones and pulsing vocal lines.

A track about embracing our flaws and feeling pretty, this empowering and impactful offering shatters beauty norms, asking us all-important, self-love laden questions, “What is pretty? And what is ugly? Who gets to be the judge of that? Yeah you!”

Reminding us that we’re allowed to feel however we want about ourselves, “Pretty/Ugly,” comes to life as celebration of the weirdness and imperfections that make us human.

Having received high praise for their debut EP EURASIA, Nao Mali takes an adventurous step forward in their musicality on this latest track, swerving from the progressive sonics of their previous release to craft something dark and powerful, framed by their signature touch of self-expression.

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