narou and Ava June consider all that we’ve “Lost” over the past year

Berlin-based talents narou and Ava June turn their friendship into a compelling synergy, joining forces for the body-moving meets heartstring-pulling, “Lost.” Whilst this the first we’re hearing of newcomer Ava June, narou’s prolific, genre-bending exploits continue with his third release of the year.

The filtered synths and vocal textures that introduce the track immediately set your mind awash with a yearning nostalgia, coloured by a sense of rose-tinted melancholy. The steadfast rhythms that underpin the track sweep in to provide an unfaltering backbone, with further enveloping textures softly undulating around them.

As the light at the end of the tunnel of these strange times slowly glows ever stronger with each passing day, the tone of music is shifting with it. Akin to Fred again..’s “Marea (We’ve Lost Dancing),” this enchanting collaborative effort also pairs a sense of mourning for the experiences we’ve lost along the way, and counterbalances it with an affirming sense of hope for those yet to come.

“What I like most about “Lost” is the fact that it gives the listeners a feeling of hope and joy, while being quite sad & melancholic at the same time.” shares narou in an email statement. “It is the perfect tune to do both: practice your dance moves or simply sit back and daydream.”

Perhaps the most emotive aspect of “Lost” is the silky smooth croons of Ava June. Flickering between the almost sultry half-whispered verses, to soaring falsetto of the choruses, it wholly realises the jarring sense of being stuck between a rock and a hard place. In the same statement, June shares that “singing this at the top of my lungs releases a lot of blockage in me. Singing about the state of feeling down, the need of being held and the impersonation of my fears, lifts me up. Just as talking about things always takes the weight off of them.”

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