Nas and Hit-Boy give us the gift of ‘Magic’ for the holidays

Nasir Jones and Hit-Boy gave us a gift of Magic right before Christmas this year, coming together for a euphoric project composed of nine soul-filled tracks with genius-level writing and legendary production. Undeniably one of the best hip hop albums this year. 

Nas has been rapping for over 30 years, already setting a solid foundation for hip hop, but also currently watering it and growing it further. It is powerful to witness because as a young girl, Nas helped raise me with his song “I Can.” I remember singing along to it and applying it to my life as I grew up. Witnessing him being just as powerful of an MC in this era is mind-blowing, but nevertheless expected. Every single track on Magic further shows how his pen game keeps elevating our spirits and educating our minds even to this day, giving us game as he gives constructive criticism to society, expressing his free-thinking thoughts. 
Opening up his album with “Speechless,” he subtly sets the tone for the rest of the album, as it will literally leave you speechless with all of the intelligent wordplay. Nas flawlessly pieces words together and rhymes them seamlessly while including astonishing metaphors that make us think. The boom bap beats mixed with the chimes take us back to old school New York hip hop. However, this music isn’t outdated. Nas spews timeless bars, allowing the words to connect with everyone. The third track on the album, “Ugly,” is ironically beautiful. There is something about the truth that is powerful and exudes light, no matter how “ugly” it may seem at first. Nas paints a perfect picture through exemplary lyricism. The piano keys mixed with the boom bap sounds, gritty beats, and bass creates the best environment for Nas’ words to shine through. As you keep listening and come across “Wu for the Children,” we once again experience Nas’ high-level pen game, proving his skill with the lyrics “You have to be a special type to feel what I write.” Rapping at a slower pace, we feel his words even more powerfully, as he utters them with great care so they get through to us. Closing the album off with “Dedicated,” Nas again educates us with a history lesson, delivering an impeccable flow over upbeat sounds that hit the soul, making us move our heads back and forth to real lyricism. 
There is not one track on Magic that isn’t magical. Press play and get in the zone, letting Nas and Hit-Boy move your spirit. 
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