Nashon’s head is in the clouds on fantasy-filled new single “runaway”

Nashon is a new voice in the indie punk scene with a history in hip-hop. His new single “runaway” is a sonic roller coaster that takes you on an adventure of hitting the highway with an intoxicating new love. Despite the unimaginable highs of a thrilling romance, the adrenaline rush can only last so long and it’s just a matter of time before Nashon’s fantasy fades.

“runaway” was produced by Famous Friend who has previously worked with Winnetka Bowling League. The restless riffs, high-climbing bass lines, and stark notes of percussion anchor this imaginative track to reality. Nashon sings, “I just wanna run away with you / Fly around the world in 80 days with you.” Even though it’s clear skies on the surface, “runaway” hints at darker undertones and a need to break free from the real world. Nashon stuns as a fearless vocalist, plunging to new depths of experimentation on his grippingly authentic track.

Nashon was born in New Jersey before moving to California where he’s now based. “runaway” is the first track from his upcoming EP MARTYR; ACT III.

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