Nashville's Mad Welsley drops racy offering "Bedroom"

Nashville pop act Mad Welsley manages to be her most self-confident self on racy offering “Bedroom,” led by her husky vocals and a playful melody. A track that tells us that she’s independent and empowered, but what loves being told what to do in the bedroom, the sensual production oozes sex appeal and maturity in equal amounts.

With a punchy soundscape broken up by uber catchy beats, Welsley’s smooth vocals carry forward a signature descriptive lyrical style. Crafted with her love for country music in mind, the track captures her genre-defying ability as it swerves into lush pop instrumentals, that she frames with fierce femininity through her honest song writing.

Only having started recording and releasing music during the pandemic, Welsley has managed to build a collection of catchy, hook-ridden music without letting the difficulties of the times hamper her creative spirit, injecting vibrance into bleak moments with her youthful charm and sultry delivery.

With this latest track having been recorded in five different locations to overcome the gap of pandemic-induced distance, the rising pop act gives us a glimpse of her versatility and adaptability as she draws us into carefully developed sound that continue to grow and evolve with each successive release.

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