Natalie Lauren’s “Bra Off” invites Black women to embrace their natural selves

“Be strong,” “Be more gentle,” “Cover up,” “Loosen up,” “Do more,” “Do Less,” are just a few of the contradictory messages constantly inundating women. And for Black women and women of colour in particular, just existing is often a constant battle of having to prove one’s humanity and right to be seen as more than just a physical vessel for the gratification of men. On “Bra Off”, Tulsa-native Natalie Lauren has majestically captured these sentiments into a light-filled homage to Black women and women of colour who have historically played the role of caregiver, often at the expense of their own safety and comfort. 

One of the leading tracks from her upcoming album Handle With Care, “Bra Off” is a joyous anthem that calls for women to metaphorically remove their superhero capes and simply exist in the rawness of their femininity. “As women, we deserve the right to simply walk around without a bra and not be insulted, assaulted, or discriminated against. Our bodies are so much more than sexual. Our bodies are ours.” Lauren shares via Instagram.

Lauren explores the narrative of strength that women, especially Black women, have adopted, and invites them to allow humanity, bareness and vulnerability back into their lives.  “Bra Off”’s laidback musical soundscape perfectly suits the objective of the song: a call for women to be gentle with themselves and simply relax without the pressures of having to do more to be seen as valuable. Phone off, lights off, bra off.

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