Natalie Shay sings about infatuation with a teenage icon in “All The Time”

British indie/pop sensation Natalie Shay lives out her inner fangirl in her new single, “All The Time.” Having encountered her teenage idol, the songwriter felt compelled to put pen to paper, recalling all the emotions she felt for this person when she was younger. She shares, “It was the person that I believe my entire ‘type’ was formed around during adolescence.  All The Time is a song following the frustration of knowing you’d work so well together after so many years if only they could ‘see you’, and how nobody else has ever compared to them. They are ‘the one’. No questions asked.” 

“All The Time” features passionate, yearning lyrics as Shay sings, “All these years I’ve been right here, looking up at you, hoping that you’ll see me too.” Although her lyrics seem sombre and fragile, sonically the track is quite the opposite. Bursting with energy, the upbeat track is bright and high-spirited. The head-bopping beat and catchy lyrics make this the ultimate earworm. 

With her music often touching on love, friendships, and the everyday hurdles of life in your twenties, Shay isn’t afraid to open up about her own experiences, as she shares stories on her own struggles with anxiety and mental health issues. Her refreshing honesty is what makes her so relatable, and there is no wonder why people all over the world are quickly becoming dedicated fans. 

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