Natalie Shay spills the tea in debut EP, “NAKED”

With a plethora of successful singles under her belt, Natalie Shay refuses to slow down, unveiling her debut EP NAKED. Consisting of five-tracks of pure indie-pop pleasure, she delivers glossy melodies and luscious synths, all wrapped up in a warming blanket of positivity. Shay threads together stories of life experiences, young adulthood, self-discovery and love, creating a relatable soundtrack for all 20-somethings. 

Introducing the EP is “Not The Girl.” A fast-paced, feel-good track, swelling with 80’s inspired synths and instrumentation, Shay takes us on a whirlwind trip from the sparks of a relationship, right through to its demise. Undoubtedly the standout track on the EP, “Owe It To You” takes things down a notch. Enchanting soundscapes and celestial harmonies create a backdrop to Shay’s smooth, velvety vocals. Anecdotal lyrics depict some of songwriter’s most vulnerable moments, giving us an insight into those moments we can all identify with. Title track “Naked” highlights the Londoner’s use of charismatic lyricism, bright melodies and a spirited rhythm section. An 80’s inspired saxophone solo brings the track to life, echoing Shay’s love for the colorful era. Completing the EP is a stunning slow version of her single “Yesterday”, which was released late last year. A haunting string section allows the track to be seen through a completely contrasting lens. Heartfelt, reflective lyrics bring an emotional delivery, showing us a different side to the always effervescent artist. 

Shay continues her reign of London’s indie pop market, marking her territory by selling out venues across the UK capital, growing a dedicated fanbase that follows her every move and being playlisted on numerous New Music Friday Spotify playlists across the globe. Despite all these impressive accolades, the release of NAKED seems to top them all and dropping just at the right time, it’s the perfect distraction from the outside world. 

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